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Parking on the Francis Howell High School campus is a privilege. All seniors and juniors may apply for a permit.  Depending upon parking availability, sophomores who are actively involved in a school sponsored sport or activity may apply for a season permit. Freshmen are not eligible to drive for any reason. Parking rules and regulations can be found on the school’s website. Students must be familiar with them prior to completing the online application. No paper applications will be available. Computers are available at Schedule Pick-Up and in the Parking Office (A111) if needed.

To qualify for a parking permit students must:

  • Have a satisfactory attendance record of at least 90% attendance from the previous year and maintain 90% attendance during the current year. (truancies, seven or more tardies in a semester or excessive absences may constitute forfeiture of permit)
  • Have a satisfactory citizenship record (no more than 7 disciplinary referrals from the previous semester) 
  • Have a G.P.A. from the previous semester of 2.0 or above in order to receive a parking permit
  • Have all financial obligations to FHHS (books, locks, activities, parking and/or other school fines) paid at application.
  • Have a valid driver’s license, insurance and license plate.
  • All students who drive to school must participate in the random drug testing program
  • Sophomores must be active in a school sponsored sport and/or activity that meets at least 3 times a week
  • Any student falsifying information or quitting a program or activity will lose driving privileges 

The parking rates are in effect as follows: yearly permits for seniors and juniors are $60.00 each, or a semester permit can be purchased for $30.00 each. Pending space availability, sophomores can purchase seasonal permits for $20.00.

Temporary (1 day) parking permits should be purchased 24/48 hours in advance. A parent phone call is required before a temporary permit will be issued. If a parent phone call is not received and the student drives to school, a ticket will be issued. Students will not be allowed to drive without prior approval. Temporary permits will not be issued for students serving a detention or because of an after school job. Temporary permits are $2.00 and will allow the student to drive as approved by the Administration. Students who are parked illegally (i.e., without a permit displayed correctly in the vehicle or park in faculty parking lot or on the grass, etc.) will be issued a parking ticket. Parking violations are subject to a $10.00 fine for the first, second and third incident.  Subsequent violations will be assessed a $20.00 fine plus school discipline which may result in removal of parking privileges, detentions or a suspension.  Parking in a faculty, visitor or handicapped space will be assessed a $30.00 fine on the first offense.   If a replacement permit is needed, a replacement fee of up to the original cost of the permit will be assessed.  Students who continue to park illegally on the FHHS campus will have their vehicle towed at the owner’s expense.  

PLEASE NOTE:  If you receive a Parking Ticket on your vehicle, you have received a fine. Students who wish to dispute a ticket must do so within 24 hours. Subsequent tickets and failure to pay fines could result in a loss of parking privileges or other disciplinary action. 

Francis Howell High School reserves the right to enter and inspect, without the owner’s consent, the interior of a student’s vehicle whenever a school authority has reason to believe illegal or unauthorized materials are contained inside the vehicle.
A parking permit may be revoked for the following (but not limited to) reasons: careless and imprudent handling of a vehicle, illegal unauthorized use of a parking permit, persistent violation of parking policies, excessive tardiness and/or absences to school, transporting of student(s) off campus without permission, suspension from school, use of a registered vehicle to promote truancy, unacceptable behavior; or nonpayment of parking and/or other school fines.

Parking permits are non-transferable and non-refundable.